Monday, June 18, 2012

Ten Reasons to Vote Obama

1. You want a global government--or at least global regulatory institutions--that eclipses American sovereignty and trump the Constitution.
2. You want tax money to support embryonic stem cell research; in other words, killing human embryos in the hopes that these lethal experiments will yield something good for those who made it into maturity.
3. You want more executive orders that contravene the other two branches of government.
4. You want Judges (federal and Supreme Court) who take the Constitution to be a wax nose that they can turn any way they want, given their liberated perspectives.
5. You want the American military to shrink to the point of no longer being the strongest in the world, thus moving us toward another Pearl Harbor. 
6. You want the first family to continue to flaunt tax dollars with their extravagant vacations. 
7. You want a President who cannot think on his feet and is petulant when anyone dares to challenge His Highness.
8. You want the state to reach deeper and deeper into your personal life, telling you what to eat, what medical treatments you may have, where you can drill, and much more.
9. You want incompetent, nasty, and corrupt Cabinet members such as Eric Holdier.
10. You want illegal aliens to receive amnesty and voting rights.

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