Monday, June 25, 2012

A Nation in Peril

A nation, under God, that:

Kills its own unborn with impunity since 1973

Cannot secure its own national borders

Does not pay its own debts and thus
in-debts the next generations because of its fiscal irresponsibility

Fails to keep and reward a strong military to protect its freedoms and responsibilities

Sexualizes everything and
legitimizes the perverse by redefining marriage, and
re-invents what cannot be changed: created male and female

Conscripts its own children for statist indoctrination and
does not teach the essentials of Judeo-Christian civilization and
the essence of learning

Pits people against each other according to their incomes by incentives to envy

Thinks the state can be compassionate, when it takes what would otherwise
be given and used more profitably by all...

Has a plethora of churches that refuse to speak out and stand up for Truth,
come what may

Forgets or spurns its own best and founding principles

has no future
apart from repentance, reformation, and renewal
(Psalm 80).


G.K. Sexton said...

A recipe for unraveling.

G.K. Sexton said...

A recipe for the unraveling of our Republic