Monday, June 18, 2012


When Communism fell in Eastern Europe, millions of us rejoiced.
Our celebration was premature.

Two decades later Communism is back from the dead and, like a zombie from a B-movie horror flick, it is harder to kill than ever. But we are not helpless -- here's what you personally can do to help stop this deadly idea in its tracks.

Leftists all over the world are trying to reclaim Communism from the ash heap of discarded ideas. They're taking it mainstream and hoping you won't notice until it's too late.

But these leftists will only succeed if they can keep you from asking one penetrating question: "Why was the 20th century history's bloodiest?"

Those who have lived through the 20th century saw some of the world's worst ideas on display. Whole societies attempted to live by Nietzsche's mantra: "God is dead." The results were murderous.

Responsible for more deaths than even the Nazis, Communist regimes were the picture of tyranny and suffering. It's hard to imagine the terror that has resulted from Marx and Lenin's distorted understanding of humanity and the nature of the world.

So you think Communism is dead? Consider these facts.

A quick look at today's political landscape shows that like a zombie, the ideas of Marx and Lenin are back from the dead -- and harder to kill than ever.

Twenty-one percent of the earth's population is under Communist rule. Meanwhile, Europe's quasi-socialist economies are floundering, and the governments of emerging countries are steadily gobbling up more of the private sector. In the U.S. the state's encroachment in the private sphere grows daily, making our dysfunctional government even more powerful.

In a media environment hostile to the very mention of Communism, how do we spot these faulty ideas and warn others?

Equip yourself and your friends now with Summit's "Zombie Communism Package."

Thankfully, faithful commentators like Summit founder Dr. David Noebel, Dr. Fred Schwarz, Dr. Jim Bowers, and Curtis Bowers have highlighted the steady march of Marxist-Leninist thought into the 21st century, and we're offering their insights to you in the Summit Zombie Communism Package.

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