Monday, June 25, 2012

Reality Check:

1. The Islamic Brotherhood is not "moderate." It is a ruse and well established doctrine of Islam to deceive the infidel. See Mark Gabriel, Islam and Terrorism and Inside the Mind of an Islamic Terrorist.
2. The Islamic Brotherhood fights for a Muslim world under sharia law: the entire planet. This is part of Islam.
3. Our President is either clueless or complicit in supporting this anti-Christian, anti-Western, anti-human rights group. It is probably the latter.


bbbbbbbbb said...

Obama has done for Egypt what Mr. Carter did for Iran. But both of those countries, in all fairness, were military supported dictatorships....

Anonymous said...

Anyone who believes or thinks the Muslim Brotherhood is remotely moderate should talk to my dear Egyptian friends who escaped from the Brotherhood with little more than the shirt on their back.

Or for that matter talk to any Egyptian who has escaped either recently or 40 years ago as my friend's family did.

Both Egypt and Palestine once had strong Christian populations. Not only are they now a barely surviving minority, they are nearly non existent.