Thursday, May 17, 2012

"Congratulations: Christian Apologetics has been reprinted. This is the 3rd printing, bringing the total number of copies in print to 8,008. We are pleased to see your book have this continuing ministry."--To me from InterVarsity Press.


Jason Kanz said...

I have to say Dr Groothuis, I have read several books on apologetics over the past few years and this is indeed one of the best I have read. I am only about 200 pages in, but I wanted to compliment your magnum opus. You are a clear and engaging writer who has has clearly thought through your subject matter. I wish there were more writers who could both write well and think deeply. Best, Jason

David said...

I hope you're proud in the most humble and Christian way, Dr. Groothuis. I believe the book is the product of God's work in you, and yet you are the author and the scribe.

I'd consider a note like this from IVP an honor. I only hope to have such a broad accomplishment someday.

Tim said...