Sunday, May 06, 2012

Statism against America

The statists cradle to grave security means "the abolition of man" (See CS Lewis, The Abolition of Man). It requires excising the moral sentiment, producing a heard of geldings, trotting sheep-like and stupefied into the humanistic abyss. Deviants commit atrocious "thought crimes"/hate speech (George Orwell, 1984) and must be reeducated (shades of the USSR). The DSM manual will list "political dissent" as a mental disorder. This is our future apart from a Second American Revolution, which must be firmly rooted in the first American Revolution. Like the first, it would be a conservative insurgence of principled citizens whe refuse to become "brave new" automatta (see Aldous Huxley, Brave New World) at the hand of the omnipotent (and apostate) state.

Conclusion: Vote Obama, the apotheosis of messianic statism out of office and election Mitt Romney. Do all you can, with God's help, to make this happen. If not, America becomes another Babylon.

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Brandon B. said...

America is already another Babylon, or more accurately Babel. We are really no longer a country but a "propositional" mass of squabbling ethnicities, cultures, and viewpoints with nothing to unite us but crass consumerism and pop culture at the bottom and enforced political correctness at the top.

We are being prepared for submergence into a rootless, atomized, globalist cosmopolitan order with no god higher than hedonic Mammon where the Dollar Sign replaces the Cross and the Orgasm replaces the Eucharist.

America is dead, we are but clinging to her corpse.