Thursday, May 10, 2012

Hewitt Blew It

In a recent column about Obama's endorsement of same sex marriage (or the solemnizing of sodomy), Hugh Hewitt says this:

"This is not to say that single parents, or same sex couples cannot be terrific parents. They can be, often far better at it than married couples who are terrible, horrible parents from whose “care” children must be removed."

Wait a minute and think, Mr. Hewitt. Of course, single parents (if made single through divorce or the death of a spouse or even adoption) can be loving caring parents. But saying that a homosexual couple can be in the same category is just plain wrong. Of course, such couples may care for the children they adopt or arrange for through artificial insemination, but they as homosexuals end up modeling an unnatural and ungodly association for those children, thus probably leading them toward homosexuality. See Psalm 1.

I am afraid too many Christians are losing their moorings on this crucial issue.