Thursday, May 17, 2012

Rejection, Obama Style

Obama's budget was unanimously rejected today. Every vote in both house and Senate was against it. Think about that... The man cannot lead his own (debased) party, nor can he convince even the most liberal Republican to sign up. And this is the third year in which his budgets have been overwhelmingly rejected.

Do you want this man to "rule" (as he sees it) what's left of America for another four years? I think not.

Vote Romney for President.

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David B Marshall said...

Doug: I plan to vote, and if I have time, campaign for Romney.

I have a question on another topic, though. Is there a way to contact you? I'm a Christian writer, author of books like The Truth Behind the New Atheism and True Son of Heaven: How Jesus Fulfills the Chinese Culture.

We met once, when you were in grad school at the UW, and I was an undergrad. Long time ago.

My e-mail is