Friday, October 08, 2010

Service for Dr. Vernon Grounds

Please consider attending the memorial service for Dr. Vernon Grounds on Saturday, October 9, at 10:00 at Cherry Hills Community Church in Highlands Ranch, Colorado. Dr. Grounds was a remarkable and unforgettable figure in twentieth-century Christianity. Even if you did not know him, you should attend to learn something of what a Christ-centered life might be.

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Anonymous said...

I am finding myself increasingly saddened by the passing of the old guard. I am not sure the young Turks or Tureks, as it were, are up to the charge entrusted to them.

I consider myself to be profoundly blessed to have had the opportunity to meet and learn from men like Earl Radmacher, Homer Heater, Howard Hendricks, John Walvoord, and to have come to know other's, like Dr. Grounds, through their books and tapes. There is a depth of learning and witness in the older generation now passing on that seems to be lacking in mine.

I have been listening to tapes by Lorne Sanny lately and am struck that I seldom hear speakers that seem to have that level of commitment to and depth of walk with the Lord any more.

I watched a DTS podcast last night where Haddon Robinson was speaking, another gray hair. Or, he would be, if he had more of it. I have become convicted lately that I need to write to these men whom I have met and whom I have met only through media and to give them my sincere and profound thanks for their lives and their service before that can no longer be done. I wished that at some point I had written that letter to Dr. Grounds.

So that I am not negligent again, and although you certainly are not hitting the upper limits of human years, I need to take this time to thank you for your life and service to Jesus Christ also. I am only recently becoming acquainted with you through your blog and whatever MP3's I can find, I am grateful for your stand of faith. Thank you, Dr. Groothuis.