Saturday, October 09, 2010

Apologetics in Church!

I will be speaking at both morning services at New Life Evangelical Free Church on "A Short Course in Defending Christianity" as well as giving an evening question and answer session for those with questions and doubts.


ThomasTancredo said...

I have been thinking about Dr. Ray Comfort's
proof for God's existence based upon a banana.
(Bananas seem designed for human use and
consumption, therefore God exists.)
Now, it is not as silly as it might seem. I believe
it to be an instance of The Bible's teaching about
the weak confounding the mighty. Upon an initial glance,
his argument might seem silly. However, there
is a potentially strong argument beneath it based
upon the use-value of objects in their relation
to people. Let me try and sketch out the underlying
argument of Dr. Comfort's banana illustration.

The Utility Argument for the Existence of God

Objects are made by a craftsman.
Objects are made by a craftsman to have some utility.
Utility implies a user.
Objects exist.
Therefore, people that use these objects must exist.
People exist.
People are used.
Therefore, someone must crafted these people.
Hence, God exists.

Dr. Groothuis, what do you think of this?

luke's mother said...

Dr. Groothuis,

Do you plan on attending this lecture over at Colorado State University next week?

The topic is "The Science of Morality: No Gods Required". There will be a Q and A session afterwards. Perhaps you and Troy Nunley can offer a counter perspective?

Louton Morris said...


Are you going to attend the Q&A for the link

In Christ,


ProfessorGrimesPhD said...


Well done.

The argument is sound. I think that you have
elucidated a novel theistic argument that lies
hidden in Comfort's comparison.


Professor Grimes, PhD

Sandra Cordeila said...

This is a response to Thomas Tancredo's argument for the existence of God:

I just want to thank you for your argument for God's existence.
Last night I was talking to a doubting friend. He had troubles
with faith in God and proofs for His existence. However, when
I shared your proof it was as if the light shone upon him. My friend
began to sit up and rapidly began discussing this proof with me.

He thought that it contained some good points about utility
and intentionality. He said that not enough of the apologetics
he read had dealt with those topics.

Thank you, Mr. Tancredo for saving a friend's faith! You should consider publishing your finding! Even if it does not get met with great respect it is stimulating indeed! And it is a faith saver in this case!