Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Letters to the Editor

Here is an interview with me on apologetics and writing letters to the editor.


ThomasTancredo said...

Dr. Groothuis,

Hello. In your upcoming Apologetics textbook,
do you interact with any of Dr. Ray Comfort's
work? I believe Dr. Comfort to be a most underrated defender of the faith. He is an Apologist of the First Rank. Chief among his contributions to the defense of God and His Bride are critiques of evolutionary faith, his satirical rebuttals of the epistemology and cosmology of atheism, and his sound proofs for the existence of God.

Might I suggest his recent intellectual offering
against atheism entitled, "You Can Lead An Atheist
To Evidence, But You Can't Make Him Think."

I mention Dr. Comfort because there are parallels between him and a great hero of ours, Dr. Schaeffer.
Dr. Comfort shares with Dr. Schaeffer the heart
and mind of a Christian. They out-love and out-think the world for Christ. He can sense the pain of atheism infecting the Christian culture.

Dr. Comfort asked us to imagine the following letter being written by a college freshmen to his parents:

“Mom, dad, after my first semester at college, I have to tell you that I don’t believe in God anymore. Science has proven evolution to be true. The Bible is a book of fairy tales. There is no absolute right and wrong. I know this goes against your values, but I now believe in gay marriage and a woman’s right to choose. I don’t want to hurt you, but I have to be open and honest with you--I’m moving in with my girlfriend. This doesn’t change my love for you, and I hope you feel the same about me . . . .”

Dr. Comfort then follows this passage up with the
haunting question: "What if your child asked you this?"

All in all, I recommend Dr. Comfort's work to you. That he commands the attention of Dawkins, that Pope of atheism, says something!

David said...

Dr Groothuis,

You mention the following in this interview:

"This is why the Bible says so much about the power of our words, written and spoken."

I'm highly interested in this. I believe that words are of ultimate importance and that language is reality. Nouns impart meaning in our minds to various existant things. Abstract words allow us to think about real phenomena that aren't always understandable or quantifiable - thus every edition of the government issued and sanctioned doublespeak dictionary, from Orwell's "1984," contains less words than the previous one.

Can you provide a list of scriptural references to the importance of words? Also, can you direct me to literature on this topic?