Saturday, October 16, 2010

Pondering Blogging

A lack of quick response from me to challenges posted on this blog does not mean I have nothing to say or have been stumped. It likely means I cannot find the time to adequately respond. This is one conundrum with all the new media. There are so many of them, where do we put our efforts? I'm tempted to think that blogs are not typically very effective at helping educate or change people's minds. I prefer writing books and articles, as well as giving lectures and sermons. Perhaps I need to retire the blog or cut way back on it.


havoc said...

I hope not, but I understand.

The very fact that you're getting responses indicates that you're making an impact. If your ideological opponents are taking time to respond, they have to be taking time to read your thoughts and time and energy to compose a response. They would not be responding if what you are saying wasn't threatening their system.

M said...

I find your blog educational, for what it's worth. (And as I come here to learn, I never comment; I have nothing interesting to add.)

I do think you're right about changing minds; in my experience, that really only seems to happen in the context of face-to-face relationships or working through a really good book.

The Atheist Missionary said...

havoc, that is very strange reasoning. Do you only respond to those who threaten your "system"? I suspect that you often respond to someone after you take time to read their thoughts and wish to set them straight from your perspective. I don't get the "threatening" part. Please elaborate.