Thursday, January 01, 2009

On Habbakkak 2:18-19

This glamorous gusto for godlets;
this voracious volition for vacuity;
this incessant insistence for idols.

Grasping a fistful of falsehood.
Consuming a stomach-ful of stupidity.
Filling a mind full of maddening mush.

Perform! Oh, you purveyors of nothingness.
Entertain our eyes, fill our years.
Enthrall our ears.
Give life to our living, and
deal the death blow to death.

We made you,
Now re-make us.


Just Jeff said...

I am preaching on this passage (all of Habakkuk actually) and was inspired this week by your poem. While I do not agree that 'remakes' of scripture like this have a place in the bible (as some translations do), in a different atmosphere such as this, they are appropriate, thought provoking, relevant and still contain some degree of inspired thought. Thank you for your willingness to share where God met you through his words.

Douglas Groothuis, Ph.D. said...

This is not a "remake" of Scripture; it a poem inspired by Scripture. Notice the title "On..."