Friday, January 02, 2009

The Soul in Cyberspace is Downloadable

Ironically, you can download my 1997 book, The Soul in Cyberspace, for $10.99. The book was the first Christian critique to contemplate the down and darker side of computer-mediated communication. But a physical version of the book is still available from Wipf and Stock Publishers.

At least six people have read this book.


Tim Challies said...

Make that seven who have read the book. I bought and read it last week and very much enjoyed it. Though it's a little bit dated (at least when we see it in light of the speed of the internet) it still has lots of good information and offers lots to think about. It's well worth a reading, even all these years later.

Paul D. Adams said...

Ditto! I still recall much of it and refer to it often, which makes for some thoughtful least for the thoughtful!

Fred said...

I still have the paperback I bought back in (1997? 1998?)-- complete with my own set of marginalia, no less. (I seem to have been particularly exercised by your account of SimLife. Heh. And now there's Second Life.) Here's something I find somewhat ironic: On the back cover, amidst all the blurbs of praise, there's one by Jaron Lanier. Now that's rich!