Sunday, January 04, 2009

Coming up for air., etc.

The Porpoise-Driven Life. (Thanks to Sarah Geis for this one.)


Anonymous said...

It is clear, the one on the left is Rick, but who is the one on the right?

Tim said...

Wild guess -- could it be James K. A. Smith?

D. A. Armstrong said...

I think I'm going to teach my next Bible Study on the Porpoise Driven life. I'll use all those points and perhaps a few more. Porpoises swim with the current and against the current. They aren't bound to just going with the flow. Just like in our Christian life, sometimes others will be with us supporting us and sometimes we will be against the whole world.

Porpoises have teeth and can use them quite effectively. This reminds us that Christians may not always be kind or gentle to us. They may in fact bite. However, we should not bite back, but act with love and kindness.