Saturday, January 31, 2009

Obama: Inconsistent

He signs a bill that indicts his own practices. Years ago, Thomas Sowell explained why women often receive less pay than men for comparable jobs. They tend to leave the workforce more easily (pregnancy) and have more leave time (for family matters). That doesn't justify all differential pay, by any means, however; some of it is sexism.


Steve Schuler said...

As an after thought to my last couple of comments I would like to add, briefly, my own reactions to 9/11. Having previously experienced a rush to judgemnet on my part following the Oklahoma City bombing which included angry deployment of nuclear weapons, not rationally considered, to Middle Eastern targets, I was a little more cautious in waiting for responsibility of this atrocity to be determined and appropriate response to be considered. My emotional response towards the perpetrators and supporters of those attacks on 9/11 was far from loving. At present I still can not say that I have a feeling of love towards proponents of Islamic Jihad against the West. Likewise I can not claim a feeling of love towards the politicians who seem to have utilized the opportunity that 9/11 created to further their own ideological agendas. As the truth of the deception, misinformation and poor planning involved in, specifically, the Iraq War have slowly come to light and the predominantly lock-step support of it which has continued in the Republican Party, should it be any surprise that conscientious Americans would overwhelmingly support a significant shift away from a party which has called to question the morality of it's policies not only nationally but globally? There are many people within the Christian community who see Obama's election to President as a ray of hope and cause for optimism that America can begin to rebuild it's place in the world as an example of high values, not excluding honesty and compassion. None of us are free from fault and all us us share some measure of responsibility for the current condition of the world. We are always confronted with the perrenial question, "Are you going to be a part of the problem, or a part of the solution?" This is a question which requires on-going reassesment and reconsideration.

Steve Schuler said...

One more thing...

All this babble doesn't mean much. To you, right now, more than anything, I hope your wife is getting some relief from her illness and that you are finding the strength to meet the challenges with which you both are confronted. I really mean this. That your wife would regain her health would make me much happier than swaying you to my way of thinking. I generally don't pray for anything beyond doing the will of God and Peace on Earth, but I will be praying for her relief.

Peace and Love