Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Blessed Exceptions

My "God-Free" religion post is not meant to indict all American churches. I know of three for which it does not apply:

Wellspring Anglican Church, Englewood, CO
New Day Covenant Church, Boulder, CO
Times Square Church, New York City

Of course, there many more. Neverlthess, these are not banner days for the American church.


Kamilla said...

Here's another one I recently visited. It's members, among other characterstics, practice Christian hospitality.


Southern Dreaming said...

I am new to Littleton and I'm combing the area looking for a church that preaches the gospel. Did someone take away the gospel and not tell me? A rapture of sorts, perhaps? I am despairing.

Daniel said...

I'm not familiar with Times Square Church. Why do you put it in that group?

Anonymous said...

I suggest Southern Gables Evangelical Free at about Hampden and Wadsworth. My wife and I have attended there for many years and found it excellent. The gospel is presented very clearly and Scripture is treated with the respect that is due it. It is not perfect, but one of the best we have found.

Southern Dreaming said...

Soulcraft - many thanks for the recommendation. I will visit promptly. Thank you so much.

Douglas Groothuis, Ph.D. said...

Times Square Church is pastored by David Wilkerson, a man of God who does not compromise. Brother Yun speaks highly of this church also.

Jeremy said...

Anyone interested in David Wilkerson ought to read The Cross and the Switchblade (there is a movie as well). He began his ministry in NYC by preaching to gang members, and he is responsible for beginning Teen Challenge, a drug/alcohol rehad program (that has, by the way, an 80% or so success rate).

Note, he does not bear any relation to Bruce *Wilkenson*, the author of The Prayer of Jabez (thank God).