Thursday, December 11, 2008

Farewell to TrueU (and Doug Groothuis essays there)

Sadly, TrueU is going out of business within a few weeks. Ten of my short (1100-1500 words) apologetics articles are now posted there, but will soon disappear. They are:

1. Reincarnation and the Challenge of Jesus
2. Why Believe that Jesus is the Only Way?
3. Learning from an Apostle: Christianity in the Marketplace (Acts 17:16-34)
4. The New Age Worldview: Is it Believable?
5. If there is only one God, Why are their many Religions?
6. A Royal Ruin: Pascal’s Argument from Humanity to Christianity
7. What is Truth?
8. Do Christians and Muslims Worship the Same God?
9. Understanding the New Atheism, Part I: The Straw God
10. Understanding the New Atheism, Part II: Attacks on the New Testament

I hope to get these articles back up on my own web page in the near future, but please avail yourselves of these articles before it is too late. You will also find about twice or three times as many articles by the prodigiously prolific and cogent J.P. Moreland as well.


Steve Schuler said...


You have posted about this site before but I hadn't visited it until just now. Is there any chance that you could save the content of this site? If not I will probably begin the process of downloading and saving it myself. Don't you have any students that need the opportunity to earn some "extra credit"?

Claude said...

Thank you very much. Printing your articles. Hope it's OK to do so.