Monday, December 08, 2008

Mandate of Conscience

I have discovered that at least one person is playing games with me through aliases on this blog. When I found this out, I banned the person, and will ban anyone else I catch in prevarications.

I appeal to all who post here to use your real name and to not construct identities for nefarious purposes (or supposedly good purposes).

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Gem said...

Doctor Groothuis,

I'm terribly sorry that you are having trouble here, but people have pen names, and especially so online. Do you have teenage and young adult female children? I do and I wish to protect them. My real name is so unique that the very first page of google results would show where all my children live, go to school, play sports, etc. I also happen to be an elected politician. Suppose someone were to get annoyed with me or want to play games with me?

1. They could contact my children or the townspeople and show them every little thing I have posted online- now I am not ashamed of my posts, but some of my blogging involves "issues" in my marriage which my children and townspeople simply do not need to read about in graphic detail
2. They could see what gorgeous children I have and decide they want to stalk them. YUCK!

If you really want to enforce this rule of "real names only" then some of us will need to abstain from commenting.