Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Mark Steyn on Terrorist Attacks in Bombay

The acerbic, comedic, but brilliant Mark Steyn (author of the must-read America Alone) has written a penetrating piece on the recent Muslim terrorist attacks (there, I said the truth) in Bombay, India. The Western press, fearing charges of Islamophobia (a nonexistent illness created to avert criticism of Islam), typically fails to note the Islamic ideology behind terrorism worldwide. But when we do not know the enemy, we have no chance of protecting ourselves from that enemy.


Yossman said...

A very good piece indeed. The truth about islam needs to be told.

What I found equally appalling was that the Bombay blasts got worldwide media coverage, while the extremeties against Christians in Orissa, a state in India, went largely unnoticed. Many houses were burned, people were cut up in pieces, burnt alive, etc. Thousands have fled to the jungle, too scared to return to their villages. All this went on just prior to the Bombay attacks.

Of course no westerners were victim (apart from a few missionaries who basically had it coming to them) which might explain the lack of media attention.

Michael Deal said...

Thank you posting Steyne's article Doug. Why is it that he can speak with such clarity on this yet many Christians vacillate on the subject of this sort of terrorism.

I am from Australia and some of the evangelical forums I participate in are more interested in blaming George Bush than actually confronting murderous sin that this is.

When a white gunman cut down 36 people in this country in 1996 there was little examination of his motivations for doing such a heinous crime, the media quite rightly saw it as an evil atrocity.

Why when these terrorists do such a thing do we have to collectively take the blame for not listening to their cries of pain beforehand? And yet the blood of the young mother and her unborn child cry out for justice - who will give it to them?

Not the western media that is for sure. They are so busy defaulting to an anti-west, anti-Bush, anti-Israel position that they will not notice when these babarians slaughter the helpless.

Christ have mercy on us!