Sunday, December 28, 2008

Atheist for African Evangelism

Mr. Parris of The Times of London believes that Christianity is essential to the liberation of Africa. The only problem? He is an atheist. Read his fascinating article.


Paul D. Adams said...

For an atheist to see practical benefit of a personal God and still reject it is sad.

Claude said...

Thank you for sharing this article.

Faith in God is a gift. You can see it in others, you can envy it, you can even wish it for yourself...Only when you go on your knees, admit your sins, beg for forgiveness, will God become Present in your life. It's a difficult step for anyone who has learned to lean on his/her own sufficiency.

I had to be broken down...

I pray for friends and strangers who hunger for God but still refuse to put His Name on their lips.

John Stockwell said...

It's ironic that in a superstition filled world such
as tribal Africa, the rationalism and skepticism
that Christianity brings is an asset, while
in our own society some brands of Christianity
have become science denying and superstition

David Muir said...

Christian faith is not rationalistic as in rationalism but rather is rational and based on evidence and faith.Skepticism is never comfortable and is faith intwo minds see Doubt by Os Guinness for an excellentview on this.Matthew Parris is to be commended for his remarkable honesty having strayed so far from his own convictions.I pray he may come to accept God into his life fully.David Muir