Saturday, October 11, 2008

Biden's Errors (2)

Joshua Goldberg confirms Ann Coulter's account of Sen. Biden's numerous errors in his debate with Gov. Palin. Can you (Tom and others) dismiss both Coulter and Goldberg as mere ideologues?

Most of what Biden intoned was stentorian bluffing. When Palin didn't know the answer, she changed the subject. When Biden didn't know the answer, he made things up...or erred egregiously without knowing it. I'll take changing the subject if that is the binary situation.


Southern Dreaming said...

The sad thing is nobody cares. Obama and Biden are untouchable.

Tom said...

I've not claimed that Biden made no errors. Again, I claimed only that I put no stock in what Coulter says. I give a bit more credence to Goldberg. Still, it seems to me that columnists from either side of the political divide are rarely good sources of information. That's why I noted the article about the VP debate on's a source without an ideological axe to grind.

For the record, Factcheck found that Biden did make several errors. But guess what? Palin made at least as many. So she not only failed to answer questions, but the talking points she memorized weren't always the truth.

Mike Aubrey said...

But Tom, al of Coulter's claims are easily verified. Go ahead, don't put stock in what he said, but take a moment to actually check before simply saying "Oh I don't take stock in that's guys words."

That's lame - and a copout.

Tom said...


My point was not to defend Biden, but instead to suggest that Doug get better sources. Life is short and, honestly, I have better things to do with my time than read Coulter's childish rants. Will, Krauthammer, and Buckley (when he was still with us)--sure. Coulter? She's poison for the soul.

I'm not surprised to find Biden made some mistakes. I'm even less surprised to find out that he wasn't alone in doing that in the VP debate.