Wednesday, October 22, 2008

William Ayers's Worldview: Welcome to a Nightmare

Hear a minute of William Ayers, close associate of Barack Obama, from 2002:

1. He is an anarchist/Marxist.
2. He against drug laws.
3. He does not regret his violence against US targets.
4. He fears Islamic, Jewish, and Christian Fundamentalism equally.


Daniel said...

5. He's a sinner like the rest of us and desperately needs redemption from that which only the cross of Christ can satisfy.
6. He needs our prayers and love.

Unknown said...

Dr. Groothuis, I'm curious about the second point you highlighted -- that Ayers is against drug laws.

Do you have a position on drug laws or were you just summarizing the statements Ayers made in the video?

Hope you'll respond!