Monday, October 06, 2008

The Single Issue that Matters Most

Sarah Geis at In Pursuit of That Which is True has written a timely and astute essay on "single issue politics," called "Enough is Enough." She cuts through many confusions and gives a much needed dose of truth concerning the upcoming election.


ambrs said...

It isn't really just a single issue. No nation that is willing to kill 50 million of its children for the sake of convenience should be surprised when its financial leaders act to exploit the poor, and let greed and avarice destroy its economic infrastructure. The underlying motivation of egoism, selfishness, unwillingness of self-sacrifice, placing pleasure before responsibility; it's all the same. What becomes acceptable in one area of cultural life will, without fail, leak into other areas. Ethical relativism poisons

Paul D. Adams said...

Great comment, Alan! Clearly there is a continuity of ethics that permeates our every activity. My entry/argument on Why I Can't Vote for Obama was equally dismissed for being a "single issue."