Sunday, August 24, 2008

Propositions to Ponder Concerning the Presidency

1. No important decision a President of the United States makes is read off a teleprompter.

2. Any presidential candidate that thinks Roe v. Wade is good constitutional law is himself constitutionally aberrant. There is no "right to privacy" in the Constitution, but that is how they deconstructed it. It was, as a dissenting judge said, an act of "raw judicial power" and not logic.

3. Any presidential candidate who claims he does not know when human life begins or when a fetus gets human rights is both a moral and biological ignoramus and unfit for The White House.

4. Any presidential candidate who rises to the top in Chicago politics (the most corrupt political machine in the country) is automatically suspect.

5. Any presidential candidate who is friends with--and who has never denounced--a man who admits to bombing the Pentagon while in The Weathermen (William Ayers) is not to be trusted.

6. If a candidate is endorsed by The Communist Party USA, one has to ask why.