Sunday, August 10, 2008

China Wall

The Olympic facade
over The Great Wall
(keeping truth out and repression in)
should fool
no one.


Anonymous said...

Very true-- thanks.

May China fail in its efforts to mislead the masses and to mask its own depravity.

Heath Countryman said...

I got a huge kick out of the article on about the match between USA and China in basketball. We trounced them, winning by 31 points and the article extolled the beauty of how China played and said that all we could do was dunk they ball. It actually called the USA'a shooting "pathetic."

Umm... News flash to China: we won. It doesn't matter what your 3-point shooting percentage is if your team can't play defense!

But the score wasn't what mattered in the official Chineese version of the event. It was how you play the game... And I guess we wern't supposed to dunk the ball 30 times. With no one around, I guess our guys should have pulled up short and tried a 3.

I think China is more scary than the old USSR... because most Americans are just not awake to the fact that this communist nation thinks of us as their #1 competitor (and enemy) in the world... And the Olympics are just the tip of the iceburg when it comes to communist propaganda coming from that nation. We should all be very wary of anything that China says in any "official" capacity.