Saturday, August 23, 2008

Os Guinness Lectures on Line

Here is a large assortment of MP3 files of lectures and sermons by Dr. Os Guinness. There is no fluff in this man; he is articulate and prophetic. I have been learning from him through his books and lectures for over 30 years.


Southern Dreaming said...

Thanks. I've never heard him before.

Katie said...

Thanks! I've definitely heard of Os Guinness. I read 'Time for Truth' this past spring. Much of it is over my head sadly, the result of public school education. But I'm working on that via homeschooling my own children and myself.

I was delighted to see the first series listed by Guinness at your link is on the Pastor, and titled 'CEO, shrink, or man of God?' Sounds heavenly. We left our last church because the pastor was the first two and rarely the later.

I will enjoy this link, there are many wonderful teachers resources there.

Brian said...

He writes good stuff. I need to get more of his books.