Sunday, August 31, 2008

Drive by Bloggers

I notice that many posters on the CC are anonymous. I will not forbid this, but it lessens the moral weight of what is said. I have never published anything anonymously; nor have I used a ghost writer. We should own our words, written or spoken. And, by the way, God knows our address.


david said...

So sad when people hide behind anonymity - have the courage of your convictions!

Douglas Groothuis, Ph.D. said...

And David gives no biographical information on this blogger ID!

david said...

Got me! I had profile on WordPress but not here.

Okay its updated now. :)

D. A. Armstrong said...

Certainly anonymity is not necessarily an evil or bad thing. The world would be worse off without ghost writings and/anonymity. That said, I leave enough information that someone could determine who I am with a bit of time and google. I never write things online that would get me fired from my job or stop my education from college. On the other hand, I frequent websites that are adamantly opposed to my denomination and find myself agreeing with many of their points of criticism, but would rather listening to learn. Some in my denomination and in my church would find that very disturbing (listening to your critics) and thus I'd get called into a meeting to talk about the people and ideas I associate with. I just would rather avoid the meeting where I am guilty by association and not by anything that I'd written.

Greg McRitchie said...

If you had any real integrety you would send me your social security number, your birthdate and your address.

Just kidding but I hope you get the point.


david said...

I think on the internet their are negative consequences to both:

a) providing inadequate information
b) providing too much information

Some balance needs to be achieved so that readers have some context in which to interpret your statements. Rarely does one encounter a clearly expressed argument with no unstated premises, ambiguities or vagueness. The context is necessary for at least attempting to honestly reconstruct and assess a person's statements. For example I don't always start every comment with "I'm a young conservative Christian..." but certainly that information may help someone who is honest evaluate what I'm saying more clearly. The principle of charity certainly applies here.

At the same time everyone should protect themselves from those would would misuse information about them.