Friday, March 07, 2008

Someone who is not suffering from fetus fatigue

I received this heartening letter from a pastor who read my post, "Fetus Fatigue." I am posting it with his permission.


Dear Doug:

Thank you for your article regarding the importance of maintaining the evangelical pro life stance. I have been a pastor of a small church in Midtown Memphis since 1981. Back in 1990, I became convinced that I had to get involved in a practical way, and so I helped launch Memphis Sidewalk Counseling. We have a presence in front of the three abortion clinics whenever they are open for business. About 80 people from various churches (agreeing to a basic doctrinal statement) offer a quiet, compassionate, Christian witness to those coming and going at the facilities. Each year, 80-100 people specifically tell us that they changed their minds in favor of life. I, too, have noted that the abortion issue is in danger of being marginalized by many in our churches. As if rotating off the "Flavor of the Month" list, the issue of abortion has become passe to some. It took 20 years of Roe v Wade for the church to figure out how important it is to stand for life. By then, we had allowed the culture of death to become entrenched. I have observed that people no longer argue that "it isn't really a baby." People know better. Technology and consistent proclamation have combined to get past the rhetoric of the "prochoice" people. And just as we are seeing the battle turning, some Christians appear to be losing interest and looking for other savvy-sounding causes. So...thank you for sounding the alarm. God will honor long obedience.

Warm regards,
Gary Starbuck
Open Door Bible Church
1792 North Parkway
Memphis, TN


Tom Hinkle said...

I also noticed you got some kudos over on the Touchstone blog for your post, but you probably don't want to acknowledge that since there are actual **gasp** Catholics over there.

Douglas Groothuis, Ph.D. said...

All like-minded people should work together against abortion and for the protection of innocent, unborn human beings.

Kyl Schalk said...