Friday, March 14, 2008


Here is a review by intrepid science reporter, Tom Bethell, on "Expelled: Intelligence Not Allowed," starring Ben Stein. The documentary investigates how proponents of ID have been treated by the Darwinian establishment, the case for ID, and more. I hope to see and review the film here when it is officially released.

(Bethell's book, The Politically Incorrect Guide to Science, is excellent.)


Los said...

I saw a early screening here in Albuquerque last week. It was a very interesting movie, it does not promote the Biblical creation story, but does ask some great questions to why there is not a space in science for Intelligent Design. There is even a point where Ben Stein backs Richard Dawkins into a corner of saying that there may be a creator.

It was a well done film that I think will spark conversation, and that is always a good thing!

Daniel said...

Looks like an excellent treatment of the core issues surrounding the debate. I'm excited for its release!

Paul D. Adams said...

Thanks for putting this up, Doug. Very good review. I confess...I bought a "Expelled" t-shirt and hat. Unfortunely, with the plethora of slogan-ware these days, no one has asked me anything about it.

Forthekids said...

Can't wait to see this one!!!

David Strunk said...

I also got the chance to see this in April. I also confess that it was to short, especially upon hearing how many hours of interviews they had.

Yes, Stein interviews the best on the evolutionists side and they seemed drastically inarticulate on very simple questions.

Some friends and I asked about Stein's convictions at the Q & A. Was he a Christian crusading for intellectual freedom? Nope, he's Jewish, but we didn't ask to the specific nature of his faith. ID is a big tent indeed.

David Strunk said...

Excuse me,
I meant that I saw this in January, not April. I'm already thinking ahead!