Sunday, March 30, 2008


I'm happy, happy, happy.
I know that I am.
After all, I'm an American.

I've been liposucked,
tummy tucked.

I've been Starbucked,
Prozaced, Pro-zapped,

My happy face is on FaceBook.
My snappy space on MySpace is happy
Just look at all my "friends."
There is no end.

It's great; it's nice,
Just the right price.
Don't think twice.

I'm a values voter,
a self-promoter,
a happy camper,
a big grin-maker,
a risk taker.

My lips are plumped.
My melancholy dumped.

I'm a thrill seeker,
a fast talker,
a power walker,
a sensation stalker.

My blackberry is flashing.
My Bluetooth is beaming.
My iPod is rocking.

I must be happy.


Dani said...

:) Clever.

carpediem365 said...

Love it!

Kyl Schalk said...


Tom Hinkle said...

Don't quit your day job.

Douglas Groothuis, Ph.D. said...


I'm not planning on it.

What's your job?

Tom Hinkle said...

I work for Dish Network as a technical/customer service rep. Plus being a frustrated musician (which is why I don't give up my day job!!)

Jim Pemberton said...

It's true that ignorance is bliss. We westerners in general have no idea what life in this world really is.