Wednesday, April 02, 2008

The Way of the Heart

The Way of the Heart by Henri Nouwen is a small, but profound work on the spirituality of the desert fathers and mothers. Although written by Roman Catholic priest, I found nothing offensive to Protestants such as myself.

It outlines the stories of Egyptian believers who fled the corruptions of ancient culture to learn solitude, silence, and deep prayer. They then returned to participate in live in a different and higher mode. Our frenetic and unhinged culture needs solitude, silence, and prayer. Christian leaders are too often dragged along by cultural themes and rhythms that fit not the gospel way. For these reasons, I recommend The Way of the Heart.

I suggest you read it in one sitting, by yourself, with prenty of time for reflection and prayer.


Daniel said...

I really like Henri Nouwen. I would also recommend The Genesee Diary. It's his journey to reconnect with God after becoming stale in a life of academic rigor and busyness.

Paul D. Adams said...

Ditto! Nouwen's book is excellent and was required reading in my church history class at Denver Seminary. Sadly, I doubt many appreciated its import at that time.

May I also recommend this too?

Anonymous said...

Paul- your article is excellent! May I use it as a handout in a Sunday School class that I will teaching shortly? (With proper credit, of course)

Craig Fletcher said...

I'd also like to commend all Curmudgeonites to read Paul's article, it IS excellent... and, convicting. Thanks Paul.

Paul D. Adams said...

Hey Pat,
By all means...use away...for God's glory.

Thanks, Fletcher.


Craig Fletcher said...

I thought of something else around silence and solitude today. Once upon a time I observed Dr. Groothuis "just sitting there" in a chair doing nothing. No book, no TV, no one to talk to, nothing in his hands. How strange this was to me at the time.

I said "what are you doing?" and he said "I'm thinking."

I've since tried to adopt this strange behavior for myself from time to time and I've found that it really works. My mind, heart, and soul really appreciate the time I give them in this way.

I also enjoy driving without the radio on as well...