Friday, October 20, 2006

Where is God? Ministries

I am on the board for Where is God? Ministries, directed by Sherri and Wayne Connell. Where Is God Ministries is an organization that gives help and hope to those who are living with chronic illness and pain. WIGM also ministers to anyone who is suffering and grappling with their faith. WIGM has helped lead people back to God, as well as introduce the Lord to those who never knew Him. They have produced several booklets and adminster a helpful web page.

On their web page, I give this endorsement:

"Wayne and Sherri Connell are in a unique position to offer desperately needed advice to those who are faced with the challenge of ministering to Christians who struggle with chronic illness. They know first hand what helps and what does not help those afflicted. The insights offered in this booklet might save a friendship or a marriage. Not By Sight is sure to equip the loved ones of the chronically ill with the biblical wisdom and practical skills needed to minister those who yearn for understanding, encouragement, and day-to-day assistance."

Please visit their page and consider supporting their ministry.

Thank you,
Doug Groothuis

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