Monday, October 23, 2006

Jesus as a Philosopher On Line Now

My interview on Jesus as a Philosopher and Apologist can be heard here. Thanks to Pastor Gene Cook for a good interview. I hope you can hear the spot for his church, which parodies "seeker churches." I heard it half way through the interview during the only break. There were no callers.


Jeff said...

This was a very good interview. Thanks for your time.

Dusman said...

Excellent interview. Thanks for coming on the show!

Craig Fletcher said...

I heard it last night on my iPod, it was very good.. but your name was pronounced "Groot(not Groat)-Hice". Oh well.

I also listened to Gene Cook, Jr. talk to Michael Shermer today while doing some yardwork. I would reccomend that one as well (for those who subscribe to the Unchained Radio (The Narrow Mind)podcast.