Saturday, October 07, 2006

Douglas Groothuis Lecture on Christianity and Science

This is the audio for a lecture I gave at Colorado State University in 2005 called, "Christianity and Science, Strangers, Enemies, or Friends." My presentation included about ten minutes of the stellar intelligent design video, "Unlocking the Mystery of Life." I am not sure of the audio includes the sound from this DVD. Thanks to Brent Cunningham for putting this up. Let me know if you would like the detailed lecture outline that handed out at this event.


Ben said...

I Dr. Groothius, I would very much indeed like to get a copy of the lecture outline. Would it be improper to use it in my church to teach on this subject if I offer proper citation?

Douglas Groothuis, Ph.D. said...


Please give me your email address in an email to me. My address in on my profile.

Ben Z said...

Interesting. I see you included Rodney Stark's book, I've read through it a few times--it's amazing, at my University a professor who obviously hated traditional Christianity admitted that he and many of he colleuges regard Rodney Stark as suspect because he defends Christianity.

Another great book on the subject is Quantum Chemist Henry F. Schaefer's book Science and Christianity: Conlict or Coherence?.

I am awaiting the publication of Alvin Plantinga's Gifford lecture Science and Religion: Conflict or Concord. Anyone know of a possible way to read it before then?

ReligionGuru said...

The Adam & Eve story is taken from a Chaldean myth. It never really happened. Christians say we need a savior, since those people in the garden were disobedient. Since the Adam & Eve story never really happened, we DO NOT need a savior. We are our own savior. By trying to live a righteous life, we progress thru many lifetimes to a perfected state.


Douglas Groothuis, Ph.D. said...

Guru gives us affirmations without argument. Here is an argument.

1. Jesus Christ contradicts all that guru says.

2. We know what Jesus said in the New Testament, which is historically reliable given the standards for ancient documents. See chapter two of my book, On Jesus.

3. Jesus' life, death, and resurrection verify his teachings as true.

4. Therefore, guru is wrong and should embrace Jesus for eternal life. I will pray that he does.