Thursday, October 12, 2006

Endorsement: Len Munsil for Governor of Arizona

Given that I hold no political office, work for no political party, and have not been asked to do so by any one--that is, that I speak as one entirely without political portfolio--I hereby endorse Len Munsil for Governor of Arizona (where I am now living until mid-January).

Not being an Arizona resident, I cannot vote here, but given Munsil's stand on most issues (I disagree with his views on gun control), I support him for Governor. His views on the border and abortion are dead-on and courageous. If you are in Arizona and are undecided, please consider his views, which are stated on his web page. If you are a legal resident of Arizona, please vote.


R. Chapman said...

Munsil seems to advocate that any citizen should be lawfully able to carry a gun, concealed or otherwise.

You disagree with this, Dr. Groothuis? On what basis do you disagree?

What do you with passages like that in the Gospels (I don't have the reference in front of me) where Jesus tell His disciples to carry weapons with them in case of danger?

Jacob Hantla said...

I'm glad for this endorsement. My wife has known Munsil for more than 10 years and can testify to his personal integrity as well. He is a strong and faithful believer, has stood strong against abortion through the Center for Arizona Policy which he led for many years before stepping down to pursue the Governor's office, and the way that he's led his very large family speaks volumes about the kind of leader that he is.

Vote for Munsil.

Tim said...

Looks like a good guy. If I were in AZ, I'd probably be working in his campaign.