Friday, March 06, 2009


Here is an essay after my own heart: a media sabbath.


Lisa said...

Alright, I said I wasn’t going to do this; but I’ll give it a try. (feel free to edit for brevity!)

My 2 cents worth concerning my own “media Sabbath”: Almost a year ago, I discovered that because of all the time I was spending studying and reading, I really wasn’t watching TV anymore…So I had the cable canceled. That saved me $57.00/month which for me is a fair amount of groceries! Since then, I discovered that I have time to do so many other thing, like meditating on the Word, praying, painting(oils), and as my English composition professor let me know, a hidden talent for writing…All because I turned off the “idiot box”. Now I don’t yet have a cell phone; I have only run into two occasions that I would have liked to have had one, so it is still an expense I can not justify. I still am having trouble keeping at least one day free from checking my email. The hardest thing to explain to people is the inevitable question” why don’t you watch TV?” And “How do you keep up with the news?”. To the first I answer ”I just don’t have time.” And to the second, I usually make a lame excuse of how when I log on to my email, the top stories are posted for me to see. But of course I don’t tell them if Pres. Obama has done anything new and annoying, I just read about it in your blog Dr. G!

Dave said...

I am now hereby taking a 30-day fast from The Constructive Curmudgeon...I hope I can handle the withdrawal!