Friday, March 20, 2009

Troy Nunley Dr. Classes at Denver Seminary

My new colleague, Dr. Troy Nunley, will be teaching these classes at Denver Seminary in the summer and fall of 2009. Please consider taking or auditing one of these classes.


Anonymous said...

PR 501-EV Defending Christian Faith class?

Give Dr. Nunley the same advice as I gave before on the texts for this class. It was my personal experience when I took Apologetics and Philosophy of Religion classes in three different college/seminaries that no atheist or skeptical book was ever required reading. That was my experience. A real education demands exposing your students to the best arguments and then responding to those very arguments, wouldn't you agree?

A student of yours attended my talk at the EPS this past weekend. He argued I had provided no method for skepticism. Tell him that skepticism needs no method. The skeptic merely doubts and says, "show me."


Doug Groothuis said...


I used "God: A Debate Between a Christian and an Atheist" last time I taught apologetics. Sinnott-Armstrong is a credible atheist philosopher, but I think Bill Craig wins the debate. I have also had students read Russell's famous essay, "Why I am Not a Christian." I cannot believe that your training with Bill Craig did not include dealing with the strongest arguments on the other side.

David said...


I didn't ask you to provide a method for skepticism. This is more a mental disposition than a methodology. But I did ask you to explain what kind of evidence could potentially satisfy the skeptic. And you seemed unwilling to provide any details.

I suspect this is because once these principles are made clear, they will be found to rest on rather shaky epistemological grounds. So it's more convenient to just demand evidence, and leave these matters ambiguous.