Thursday, March 26, 2009

Keep Obama Away from Notre Dame

It is a good sign that there is a major protest under way to keep Obama from speaking at Notre Dame, an historic Catholic institution. You may not have noticed this from politicians such as Geraldine Ferraro, John Kerry or Joe Biden, but Catholicism is a religion that opposes abortion. Given that Obama is a pro-abortion extremist of the highest order--even opposing The Born Alive Children Act in his home state, as documented in Freddoso's The Case Against Barack Obama--he should not be welcomed by Notre Dame. Sign the petition; write the president of Notre Dame, as I (a nonCatholic) did.

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Ed Darrell said...

Your characterizing Obama as an extremist on abortion was uncalled for, and undefensible, I think -- except from an extremist aiming merely to spin.

Should I let it pass? You'll no doubt find my view as harsh, and you'll take offense first before engaging, if you engage at all on the issue.

But then I scrolled down to the next post where you call "refreshing" the view of Michelle Bachmann, who is ill-informed, a clanging cymbal on almost all issues, in addition to being rude and extremist.

This is how unnecessary culture wars start. This is what destructive, unthinking bigotry looks like. Bachmann?

Excuse me, I had mistaken you for a Christian of learning. She's with you on some issues. A serial axe murderer probably kills someone who has sinned and not sought reconciliation, too. That's not an argument in favor of the axe murderer, or shouldn't be.