Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Barack Obama: Conditioner of Man (minor factual correction made)

The Wall Street Journal has an excellent article exposing the reality of Obama's stem cell policy, which politicizes the issue by allowing tax dollars to support the creation and destruction of human embryos. All of Obama's justifications are false and deceptive. He is a master prevaricator and needs to be exposed like this. The truth is this: He is lifting the ban on your tax dollars going to create human beings solely for the purpose of their experimentation and destruction (read: killing). The funding is sure to come from the liberals that control everything at this point. Moreover, there is no hard evidence that embryonic stem cells are even helpful in curing any diseases!

Obama makes a good character as one of C.S. Lewis's "conditioners" in The Abolition of Man. These are power players who detach themselves from the objective moral law, and then try to manipulate people through the invention of "new values" and propaganda. Read The Abolition of Man for a prophetic warning--and for a description of Barack Obama as an amoral "conditioner."

Obama's policy violates four deep moral principles:

1. The Hippocratic Oath principle that doctors should "do no harm."
2. The principle that humans should never be treated merely as means to an end.
3. The principle that the most vulnerable among us should be given special protection and not exploited. See Matthew 25:31-46.
4. It comes down to this: "You shall not murder."

But this is done to "restore science to its proper place." This is chilling, ominous, and deeply wrong. Christians, wake up!


Lisa said...

You know, after reading this article, I would like to offer an extension to the debate on how we treat life… If you look at the other end of the spectrum and take a look at how we treat the elderly in this country. The same attitude of disposable life is evident. We warehouse our parents because we just don’t have time…what with the kids, jobs and the social whirl that we are all involved in. And just look at the inconvenience…I might have to cancel my hairdresser’s appointment to take mom to the doctor’s office. And we have so pushed this disdain for our elderly parents that I have heard the parents (even my own mother) say “Now dear, I don’t ever want to be a burden to you.” Our parents feel guilty to put us out to take care of them after what they have sacrificed for us! Cripes, are we so out of touch with the fact that we “are a vapor.” (James 4:14) And I am addressing Christians here- we should get it through our heads that our “citizenship is in heaven” (Philippians 3:20). We live in finite bodies. Folks, our bodies are going to die.
You know, my mother (who I love very much) is not an easy person to be under the same roof with- but I will not let her languish in a nursing home. And having had experience with geriatric nursing; I do know very well what I am saying.

Are we so out of touch with the fact that our bodies do tend to fall apart as we get older. If we would spend less time watching the un-reality of TV and more time having real relationships with our elderly neighbors- we would be educated in the wisdom the elderly have to share, by their words and by their unspoken grace in knowing the end of their time in these bodies is coming to an end.

Right…I’m shutting up now…

Paul said...

Seems to be that Obama's stem cell policy clearly indicates that the answer to when life begins is no longer above his paygrade. God help the unborn!