Saturday, June 07, 2008

What is Your Truth Footprint?

We hear much--too much, I wager--today about "carbon footprints," how much we contribute to global warming through energy use. Now, I am a skeptic on global warming on four levels:

(1) Is it occurring?
(2) If it is occurring, is it bad overall?
(3) If it is occurring and is bad overall, is it caused primarily by human factors?
(4) If (1) , (2), and (3) are true, can humans do anything significant about it that is not overbalanced by detrimental factors?
(On global warming, see the chapter on global warming in Tom Bethell's delightful book, The Politically Incorrect Guide to Science.)

But, let's leave that aside (although I'm sure I've warmed the temperature and raised the blood pressure of a few of my readings by so doing). Let us take the carbon footprint concept and apply it to truth: ideas that represent reality correctly (see chapter three of my book, Truth Decay on this). What is your truth footprint? To put it another way, how much truth do you emanate, radiate and display across the whole spectrum of your short life? How much effort do you invest in gaining truth in the first place. Does truth have first place in your life, your doings, your thinking? How much truth--and what kind of truth, trivial or consequential?--are you leaving in the intellectual atmospheres?

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pgepps said...

Well, my hope is that my "truth footprint" is greatest in the lives of those who've invested the most in following Christ with me.

Myself, I've become disinvested in "truth in general" as I've become concerned with Christ and His Body in the middle between Creation and Consummation marked off by the Fall, which Romans 1 clearly says is epistemic as well as moral, by reasons clearly included in the "futility" creatures experience until the Consummation. Efforts, including intellectual ones, are worthwhile only in terms of their reliance on Christ's completion of His work for their meaning.

Forcing closure here-and-now, or procedurally foreclosing any end, are alike (futile) complicit in humanity's ceaseless efforts to become un-created.