Friday, June 06, 2008

Lecture Outline Available to Curmudgeonites and Curmudgeonettes

I gave my lecture, "Do You Have to Check Your Mind at the Door to Become a Christian?" tonight at Wellspring Anglican Church to a small, but attentive audience. I hope to have a link to the audio file soon (which runs about 90 minutes, before the question/answer time), but I can send out the detailed outline (including a 21 item bibliography) to anyone who wants it. Please email through this blog.


Matt Proctor said...

love to get the outline!

Jeff Kennon said...

I would also like the outline.


kim gribbon said...

I appreciate your thoughts, reflections and teaching and would like a copy of the lecture outline.

Thank you.

Wayne MacKirdy said...

Would like very much to have a copy also.

david said...

would love a copy.

dragon111283 at gmail dot com

(sorry data mining keeps me paranoid)

RAD said...

Would love the outline as well!

richard at c o n n e x i t i . com