Sunday, June 08, 2008

Groothuis Lecture on Apologetics now on Line

My talk from June 6, 2008, "Do You Have to Check Your Mind at the Door to Become a Christian?" is now on line at Wellspring Anglican Church. It is 83 minutes long. I can send you the outline if you would like it. The lecture covers:

The need for apologetics.
The biblical basis for apologetics
The nature and scope of apologetics.
The problem of evil (with an emphasis on lament)
What can be done to insinuate a Christian mind into the church and the culture.

This message in many ways sums up my life in the last thirty two years. I had fire in my bones (Jer. 20:9).


Doug Groothuis said...

Torrence was deleted because his comment was pointless and his web page was obscene.

Chad said...

Dr. Groothuis,

Would it be possible to send me the outline, as you have suggested? My e-mail is

Thanks for this lecture!

Chuck said...


I would also like the outline.


Yossman said...

I could feel the warmth of the fire.

Chuck said...


Looking at Jer 20: 9----or am I missing something from Jer 16?


Doug Groothuis said...

Chuck is correct. I changed the Jer. reference. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Groothius,

May I please have a copy of the outline? Chris Shannon

God bless you, your family and your ministry!