Saturday, June 14, 2008

Two: A Metaphysical Poem

Two fundamental and consequential metaphysical options, two cosmic narratives:

1. In the beginning (for no reason)
were the Particles,
which banged into existence without a banger,
which popped without a cause,
which exist without forethought of the ends they were to mindlessly and pointlessly achieve.

My parent was a particle.
My lord is chance/necessity, a match made by happenstance, forged by fortuity.
My life is void of meaning;
I smelt it out of nothing and hope to win the day (before all dies)...

I use big words for a small world.

A narration sans Narrator, I (i) find.

2. In the beginning was the Word (the primordial, primeval Reason)
Who brought the space-time world into existence by design,
which exists due to a Cause that had forethought to the ends it would achieve mindfully, purposely, assuredly.

My Father is God Almighty.
My Lord is Telos and significance.
I find meaning by searching for clues, cues, signs.
Life is a text with an Author, a Narrator--interpretation is hard, but real.

I hear the Narrator, even when silence reigns.
The Word speaks, though so many cover their ears.
In my beginning--the beginning--is my End.


Sarah Scott said...

Beautiful! It is a wonder how so many can act as though they find comfort in the first option when it is so hoplessly devoid of meaning (not to mention of reason as well).

Sandra said...

XSStunning! An excellent example of a poem which does so well what poetry ought to do: Express big thoughts in a few well chosen words. All the better when the thoughts expressed are so true!

Sandra Brungard

David said...

Wow very glad I found your site. My company is moving me to Denver, and it appears we share some common interests:
1. Christian philosophy/apologetics
2. Jazz!

You can see some of my blog responses to John Loftus concerning Greek philosophy and Nicea over at:

Also looking into going to seminary (I originally majored in Computer Info Systems with a minor in jazz piano).

So enough yammering, and hope we can meet sometime.

Doug Groothuis said...


Consider Denver Seminary before you leave Denver!

SteveJones said...

The Word speaks, though so many cover their ears.

Why is it that, among traditional Christians, a person who doesn't agree with the message is always characterized as covering his ears, hardening his heart, etc.? Isn't there ever a case where somebody just plain isn't convinced?

Doug Groothuis said...


Yes, as Francis Schaeffer said, "Honest questions deserve honest answers." I did not mean that all objections to Christianity are based on bad motives.

Do you have a specific objection? If so, I can try to help you with it.

Doug Groothuis

SteveJones said...

Thank you for your concern, Doug. I have several major difficulties with Christian faith, even though I'm maintaining a tenuous connection with that faith.

Doug Groothuis said...


Let me know how I may help. Faith involves struggle, if it is a serious faith.

pgepps said...


On corner stoops, and balconies,
And everywhere we spread
The virus of our infamies,
Lies also what we dread—

What lies in everything we dread,
Secreted in the heart
Before the need of daily bread,
Is knowledge blown apart.

Apart from everything we know,
Beyond what we think best,
While worlds pass by in solemn show
We lie awake, or rest.

We lie awake, or lie and rest,
Still waiting and still blind
To what we have ourselves confessed
But never—never mind.

PGE 03-26-2007

SteveJones said...

Let me know how I may help. Faith involves struggle, if it is a serious faith.

I appreciate this, Doug.

Admittedly, I'm in an unusual spot. I acknowledge the validity spiritual experience within the Christian tradition and the good that comes out of it. But I currently find the intellectual content difficult to receive. In my experience, apologetics doesn't help very much. I wish it were otherwise.