Thursday, June 05, 2008

Two Radio Interviews on Fetus Fatigue

I recently recorded two half-hour interviews on fetus fatigue and a pro-life apologetic on a program called LifeLine, sponsored by A Woman's Pregnancy Center, located in Florida. The second talk also addresses the significance of Francis Schaeffer for the pro-life movement and beyond. Yes, there were some comments about Obama as well.


pgepps said...

I very much appreciated these conversations. I admit, when your host wandered off into a very familiar discussion of contraception, I found my interest flagging. However, the problem of "fetus fatigue" even among those who remain VERY conservative, and of the fashionable Bono-style "Christian socialism" and global interventionism among evangelicals broadly defined, seems very real.

I'm not convinced that the church should allow itself to form a discernable political grouping, though. I weighed in on a related discussion here, and would welcome your comments in the unlikely event you find time during your writing-filled schedule.

Doug Groothuis said...


Thanks for the post.

The church should be *captured* by no worldly political ideology, but it should engage on all levels to promote human dignity in all ways. See Col. 2:9.

This means being a "co-belligent" with nonChristians on some issues, but without becoming worldly in the process.

No, it is not easy to negotiate this, but it is, nevertheless, necessary.