Friday, November 23, 2012

Obama-men Say


1. Yeah, the state owes me a living, health care, and long vacations.
2. The US is nothing special.
3. The unborn are nothing special.
4. Religion has to be watched and controlled so it doesn't take over the role of the state.
5. Same-sex marriage, polygamy, and the rest should all be recognized by the government. Love is love. Who are we to judge?
6. Debt is relative; we can rename it; put it off. Who cares? In the long run, we're all dead anyway (Keynes).
7. The state defines conscience, not individuals or churches. This means unity!
8. We are post-truth. Get over concern for objective facts and arguments! How boring!
9. We can demilitarize and the world will follow. Wage peace!
10. Islam is the model religion: peaceful, comprehensive, and deserving of the respect it was denied for so long. No Muslim actually kills for Islam, but only for their misunderstanding of Islam.

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