Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Letter to a Young Conservative (short version):

Letter to a Young Conservative (short version):

Dear Friend:

The Republicans did not just lose an election, the United States of American may have signed its own death warrant. We are now on thin life-support:

1. The President believes in neither the truth of the Constitution nor in American exceptionalism; he does not support the Protestant work ethic or respect Christianity. He respects Islam, the most violent and intolerant religion in history, more than Christianity. See Robert Spencer, Religion of Peace?
2. America is now a slave to its lenders; as such, it is losing its credit rating and using euphemisms to hide its monetary irresponsibility.
3. It is harder to be conservative now, since slogans suffice for most who deny its wisdom.
4. Principled conservatism itself takes more thought and work than liberalism: know the founding documents, understand something of economics; stand up to intellectuals who are ignoramuses about conservatism.
5. Christian conservatives will now have to right harder to show that socialism is not the way of the Kingdom of God and that we should not be a-political. Expect to lose friends. I have, sadly.
6. Continue to out-think the liberals. Read read conservative documents and publications. Know your Declaration and Constitution. A good, but simple, start is Francis Schaeffer, A Christian Manifesto. Hillsdale College also offers free courses.
7. Think hard about what the loss of our Republic means to you, your family, the church, and the Kingdom of God. No, we are not a chosen nation, and God will demonstrate his Kingdom with our without a free and American America. But so very much will be lost spiritually, economically, and morally. It is a time to lament.
8. We are increasingly The Remnant.

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David Hyams said...

Excellent. Where can I find the long version?