Friday, November 02, 2012


If you vote for Obama you are:

1. Supporting tax-payer funded abortion and embryonic stem cell "research"--killing them
2. More unemployment for the poor and others
3. A weakened American military in an increasingly dangerous world: Russia, not just militant Islam (Iran, etc.).
4. Impossible debt levels which will cripple the economy for decades.
5. Amnesty for illegal aliens and permeable border

6. Same sex marriage.
7. Arrogance and egotism at the White House.
8. Joe Biden as a heartbeat from being President.
9. Higher energy prices.
10. Wasteful government programs for "green" (meaning non-existent or impractical) energy.
11. More civil government interference in the auto industry.
12. More and more unconstitutional Czars and Executive Orders.
13. More appeasement of radical Islam and Islam being honored more in the White House and by the President than is Christianity or Judaism. A Dearborn, MI, newspaper just endorsed Obama because of his foreign policy. Think about it.
14. More movement toward a single-payer health system: meaning: the state take over of medicine.
15. Too tired to go on, but I will fight until the end.

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