Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Third Party Foolishness

To all you third party purists on election 2012. Consider:

1. We have no time to waste. Another four years of Obama would be a tipping point toward statism, loss of religious freedom, and an imperial presidency.
2. Romney is not your first choice, but he is far closer to the conservative ideal than Obama, who is he quintessence of leftism, statism, and the destruction of our founding ideals.
3. Paul Ryan is the real deal philosophically: a strong, smart, and principled conservative who knows history, economics, and the ways of DC. This man could be President eight years from now.
4. Consider whether your refusal to vote for a substandard candidate may be more an indication of self-righteousness than prudential wisdom.
5. Third party candidates have only led to the defeat of better candidates. COnsider Ross Perot in 1992, who stole the election from Bush.
6. Religious martyrdom is sometimes called for; political martyrdom is pointless and pathetic.
7. Vote, pray for, contribute to: Romney/Ryan, 2012. Everything is at stake: the fate of the American Republic, the last best hope for the world, politically speaking.

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