Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Right to Life

Reason #21 to Defeat Barack Obama:  A Lifetime

When a decision is made whether or not to abort a child, it isn’t just a decision that’s made and quickly over with.  The decision has consequences for years and decades to come.

Barack Obama’s policies completely ignore this.

When a child is aborted, a mother and family are left with nothing.  Or more accurately, with less than nothing.
That’s because abortion is so against our very nature,
against our nurturing instincts, that pain, sometimes
inconsolable pain, often results.

When a child is born, on the other hand, a world
opens up. It’s a miracle, really, that the child born 
into the world will so enjoy laughter and love and 
friends and learning and growing and becoming; 
she will sing and play and stomp and pout; learn 
about the wonder of this world and lend her hand 
in so many ways to making it a better place, for
those she loves and those she touches with her life.

She will be blessed with the miracle of thousands
and thousands of joyful and amazing everyday 
experiences whose sheer wonder can’t possibly be 
adequately expressed, so I simply call it . . .
A Lifetime.

One of the things we want in our leaders is that they
have imagination, most importantly, moral imagination.  
When Barack Obama talks coldly about “choice,” how 
does he miss the rest of this picture that, to the rest of 
us, is so awe-inspiring?

If he has any imagination, any moral imagination,
how does he miss that what he looks at as an issue of 
“choice” is really the sweeping away – violently – of 
A Lifetime and all its joys and challenges, its learning
and loving.  It is the taking from that child of every great 
thing this earth has to offer.  Forever.

Does he not hear the cries of the children who die in
the painful late abortions his policies allow?  Is he 
completely callous to the loss of wonderment and
beauty in this world that every little child who dies
in an abortion is robbed of?

Does he not have the imagination to be able to see this
Mitt Romney does.

Mitt Romney had the imagination to see that even tiny
multi-cell unborn humans were on a path to experience 
all these joys of Life, a path that is their right as 
members of the human family, and that no one has
a right to end.

Mitt Romney came to understand that the great adventure
story that is A Lifetime starts when we are first created.  
Barack Obama has never shown he understands
that – or even that he cares.  He has supported the expansion
of abortion, not its reduction.  He’s supported abortion in the 
U.S. and overseasearly in pregnancy  and latewith and 
without your tax dollars.

Like you, I want an America where men and women of
imagination and compassion formulate our policies, 
where our laws reflect our values, where a baby
has a chance to live.

For the millions of Americans who feel as we do, we
created the National Right to Life Victory Fund.  
The Victory Fund can accept donations from any American
citizen or corporation that shares the goal of electing
pro-life leaders like Mitt Romney so we can save innocent 
unborn children from abortion.  We’re an independent
expenditure political action committee, which means we can
also accept gifts in unlimited amounts.  If you know someone 
who would be willing to help us elect a pro-life president 
and a pro-life Senate and House this year, please forward 
this and encourage them to  contribute to our cause.

And please support us generously with your own contribution.
Every person,  born and unborn, deserves the Lifetime that was 
bequeathed to them.  Please help us defend that miracle for 

Carol Tobias,
National Right to Life

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